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How does the cost of backflow testing in Florida compare to other states?

There are many advantages to living in Florida.  Great beaches, warm weather year round and awesome seafood.  One advantage you may or may not realize is that the cost of backflow testing is one of the lowest in the nation.  There are obvious reasons for that and not so obvious ones.  One reason is there are just higher costs in certain areas of the country across the board.  Places like the NE and California are much higher costs than areas like the NW and Florida.  The cost can go as high as $125 on average in those areas, while Florida is at much lower level of $30-$35.

There are other factors that can raise costs, outside of the obvious regional reasons.  One is whether or not the tester has to schedule an appt. or not. For example, if the backflow system is behind a locked gate and the homeowner has to be there to let them in.  That scenario can generally raise the cost. Most companies can get a test done in 15 min or so and like to group a cluster of tests in one neighborhood/area.   If they have to adjust their day to one client, most companies would raise the price of the test.  Other factors could be the testers ability to fix the unit if there seems to be an issue, which can add value, or offers cleaning or winterization services while they test as well.  That can be good if you are in a northern state like upstate New York.

At Tall Timbers, we have kept our prices the same for years.  We feel like we would rather have our clients have piece of mind their system is safe than consider not testing it at all.   We are also licensed plumbing contractors and fire protection system contractors and not everyone doing these testing is.  We feel that, along with our consistent service and price make us one of the leading backflow companies in town.